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At Insurance Marketing Hub, we tap all of our data science, business acumen, and industry knowledge to create customizable, high performing Final Expense Lead Programs.

While what we do to achieve this behind the scenes is technically advanced and highly complex, we make it extremely simple for you to keep your focus on sales growth — starting with easy Final Expense Lead Program customization, and followed up with easy to use lead management technology and stellar customer service at each step.

When you’re ready to get started, click here to schedule your Free 30-minute Lead Consultation.

  1. Connect With A Final Expense Lead Expert

    Schedule a Free 30-minute Lead Consultation with the owner of Insurance Marketing Hub, Cindy Seel, to see how she would guide your business to the next level of success. During this call, Cindy will review how IMH approaches each lead program differently to get the best possible results, capture important details about your business and its goals, and discuss ways IMH can help you create wealth and ensure the success of every player on your team.

    Customize Lead Program Step 1 Connect

  2. Customize Your Final Expense Lead Program

    Establish your goals, objectives and benchmarks — and customize your complimentary branded Lead Management System (LMS). Every organization’s needs are unique. We get that. We’ll ask the right questions and work with you to design a custom lead program that perfectly fits you and your team.

    Customize Lead Program Step 2 Customize

  3. Define The Targets For Your Final Expense Products

    Next, we’ll work with you to define the specific demographics of your target audience. Then, we’ll combine our expertise with your business goals to nail down the specifics of your mail program — from which mailer cards will be used to optimize response rates and overall performance, to the geography and sales cycle of each Final Expense agent working with you. Once we have this picture in place, your Final Expense Lead Program is ready to launch.

    Customize Lead Program Step 3 Target

  4. Optimize Your Final Expense Lead Program Results

    Once your sales team starts working the steady flow of Final Expense Leads that we generate, we’ll continue our hands on, consultative approach with regular reporting and ideas for how to continuously optimize your program for best results.

    Customize Lead Program Step 4 Optimize